What's a Hooah?

It's technically an Army term, which Wikipedia defines as "a battle cry... referring to or meaning anything and everything except no." Some popular usages of Hooah include:
  • Heard, understood, and acknowledged
  • What to say when at a loss for words
  • Roger, good copy
  • Glad to meet you or Welcome
  • All right!
  • Eh?
  • Thank you
  • Did not hear what was said, but not going to ask to repeat.
However, a new-to-the-army wife (at the time, anyway) and very close friend of mine, when seeing this word on a random Facebook post of mine, was confused by the term and thought I was perhaps giving the phonetic spelling of "whore" with a Jersey-ish accent. Hooah. We thought this misunderstanding was hilarious, and henceforth have added
  • Bad-ass and fabulous Army wife
to the list of Hooah definitions.

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